hvordan opfører men sig på Casa Amalie

To our little basic sanctuary!

We hope you will enjoy your stay immensely and have a great time!

We have here listed a few things that we think is nice to know about the house, and a few things, or “guidelines” that we really would appreciate, if you would follow. Somethings may be simple stuff that you may think “Yeah, we know that!” and that’s awesome! But just in case, and just to put it out there, here they are 😊

We offer free limitless WIFI here 😃

Do use it with care, and don’t for instance, download inappropriate stuff, you wouldn’t do at home, or anything like that, we wouldn’t like government staff running all over the place and interrupting your, or others vacation time!

Smoking is not allowed inside the house. We really don’t like the smell of it, and it’s just no good for anyone. In the garden, you are naturally welcome to smoke. We only wish that you clean up the ashtrays, and don’t throw away cigarette buds on the ground. Keep it clean, keep it nice, that will make it lovely for all 😊

The air-conditioning is controlled by a remote. Remember to turn on the power before you want to use it.

it is ok to use air-conditioning, but be mindful with how you use it, as it is very expensive to operate. Only turn it on, when you’re in the room and turn it off, when you go to bed. Do not leave it on when you’re go out.

We know it’s not big! In fact, it’s quite small but we promise you, it will do the job! You can get cooled off nicely, there’s room to play, you can lay on an air mattress, lie in the carved edge of the water and relax, or even be a little sporty and take about 2 strokes and you’re on the other end of the pool, so you can brag about taking way more laps/lanes, than any other, when you get back home! 😉

It’s all fun and games! As long as you remember these few instructions:

We would like you to be mindful of not using glass around the pool! Just to keep you, and others safe! Because if the glass should, by accident, fall and shatter in the water, we’re in really bad luck! Shattered glass is nearly impossible to see or clean up completely. So, if the game is up, and all goes wrong… we are going to have to empty the whole pool for water, to make sure, that no one gets hurt, by stepping in glass shards! That is both a waste of fun time for you, and very expensive to refill the pool, which sadly will be withdrawn from your deposit. And the water will be much colder than before! No fun in that at all! So do try to be careful! We suggest using our plastic cups around the pool instead, to make sure, you can continue to have a carefree vacation time!

We would also love for you to wash of any sunblock/sunscreen that you may be wearing, before entering the pool! This way, we keep the water nice and clean for you! What happens is, should you forget, the oil from the lotion, will spread out on the water, and make a nasty film over it, which makes it unpleasant to swim in, and prevents the filter to really cleanse the water, the way it’s supposed to do. So please rinse yourself free of any unwanted things, before taking the dive! That will make the holiday better for everyone – also the ones arriving after you 😊 

Other than that, you don’t have to do anything about the pool. We got a guy, Jose, who comes from time to time, to check up on it, cleans it and so on. So it will be nice, clean and fresh, at all time. 😊

When you leave:
Leaving sucks – we know, but show must go on. So here are a few things to do before departure. We would love for you to run through this little checklist, to make sure all is well, before you leave:

  • Make sure to empty trash bags by the bins at the foot of the hill, remember coffee filter 😉.
  • Laundry, please take it off and leave it in the hallway.
  • Ti up so it looks nice.
  • Put away things you have removed from the shed.
  • Open all windows.
  • Always go an extra round to see if you have forgotten any of your personal belongings.
  • “Checkout” time is 12.00 am.

Last, but not least; Lock all the doors and leave the keys in the keylock, just like it was, when you arrived.

He is our gardener and pool guy. He comes once a week to make sure everything is nice. You will usually only get a visit from him, if you stay for more than a week, or if one week is completely booked and he simply has no choice, but to disturb. But who doesn’t want a nice pool? 😉

Is our totally awesome, and wonderful hostess and cleaning lady, who runs our house as her own. She is the one, who makes sure everything is nice when you arrive, and nice after you have departured.

She will be the one reporting back to us, with everything regarding the state of the house, and help us to give you good reviews as guests.

If there is any kind of emergency in the house, or something is terribly wrong, she is the one to contact. As we, as owners living in Denmark, often can do very little to help you out here and now, she lives in the neighborhood, and can help you out much faster.

Emergency numbers:
Just in case something happens, and you need local authorities here are some important numbers:

Emergency services:   112
Guardia Civil:                062
Local Police:                   092
Fire service:                    085
Ambulance:                    902
Let’s hope you will never have to call any of those guys! But just to make sure.

All in all, we hope you will have a wonderful stay and please, if you have any comments or suggestions for improvements, lets us know. We would love to get feedback, so we can learn and find ways to improve the experience of renting our house.

Best regards

Hostess Sue & owner Palle Voss Pedersen